366 Poems: December 28th, 2016

Old Words

I wish for the words of another age

when my mind was less preoccupied,

when I couldn’t create in other ways,

and from the paper, my pen would never stray.

But times are changing, as they always do,

and I fear where my words may disappear to

but if they must, I ask one thing:

please let them still exist.

“Something new, something old.”


366 Poems: December 27th, 2016


“It’ll be over soon,”

I will say now and then

when the pitch-perfect words

don’t sing out from my pen.

But what if this slump

is stronger than mere men?

What if, after this,

I never write again?

366 Poems: December 16th, 2016

An Author’s Plea

Oh do not stop me now,

cruel writer’s block.

Do not let another promise be broken

or another project go down in flames.

Do not let this year take a turn

for the worse,

as everything leads up to these moments.

For I have imitated

and I have stolen,

but I have created something new of every letter I thieved

and I am thankful for their power.

Do not let it die before I wake.

Do not let them lock me away with the other lost poets

as soon as the words begin to shake

the ground.

Oh please don’t let the music fade…

For here my symphony begins

to sound.

366 Poems: October 3rd, 2016

A Nothing Poem

All I need to do is write


to finish the day.

To make the nagging go away.

But no, it’s harder than that

because with every word it’s another moment


another idea


another chance to be loved

or hated.

It’s why for so many days

I have sat here and wrote


then woke up 365 days later

to a notebook filled



366 Poems: September 22nd, 2016

Fictional Reality

What if I told you

that only some of these poems

were real?

That some were my emotions,

accurate to the last drop

and then some were just as fictional

as the books on your shelf?

Would you feel betrayed,

or would you just be eager to discover more?

I would say that for the both of us,

I would rather have you feel the latter.

Because I,

I am the one who is betrayed.

I am the one who falls too hard,

cares too much,

for the reality that isn’t really there.


Or do I?

“Parallel Universe”

366 Poems: September 6th, 2016

I Trust You

(A Notebook Dedication)

I’ve been fearing these pages for weeks now,

but I think it’s time to face them.

Mark them.

Waste them on short poetry lines.

Because I don’t think I have ever been so afraid of change

as I am now.

I have never been so scared

to finish a notebook,

to start a new one.


Well then I was much less happy

than I am now.

I wanted things to change, for goodness sake!

And now I am tired

of constantly finding different directions.

I want to settle in

to an endless stream of paper and blissful imagination.

But alas, I know that’s not the case…

I mean, things change.

Life happens.

It sucks.

And even if we’re constantly begging for something new we still wish we could live

in the past.

I suppose I should just get used to it.

But how do I do that

without making myself


The lines are running out

and I know that I won’t find my answer


But girl, you have always been smart.

You have always been very, very strong

ever since you wrote your first note,

did your first crazy thing,

found the person you wanted to become.

And no matter what you do,

I trust you

to do what is necessary to bring you joy.

I will always fear the future.

I will always fear time.

I will always fear love and the loss of it.

But I refuse to fear myself.

I refuse

to fear



And I know that this story is exactly as long as you want it.

366 Poems: August 19th, 2016

Happy Poem

It’s hard to write a poem

when you’re happy–

when the world has turned just the way you want it,

when you’re needed,

when you’re loved,

and you’ve spent the entire evening in your favorite place

with your favorite person,

and better yet,

your birthday is tomorrow!

So in celebration,

I could hunker down

and write the deepest poem the world has ever known,

or I could say, simply,

that I

am happy.

No, ecstatic about life.

And rather than having me bring the words

into this new year,

I want to see

where the words

bring me.