366 Poems: July 22nd, 2016

Wasting Time

Tonight I’ll write

a masterpiece.

Tomorrow I’ll make

a dream come true.

Next week I’ll find

my life’s purpose.

Next year I’ll finally

find the one.

Next decade will

be my great reign.

Next century they’ll

sing songs of me.

And all I’ll do

is stick to the plan…


I’m too tired to finish this poem



366 Poems: June 23rd, 2016


Perhaps something better will come


but until then,

you’ve been quite a lovely person to fall apart with.

And on this day

I promise, dear…

I only wish to fall apart some more

and stay.

“We’re in this together, now.”

366 Poems: June 5th, 2016


Today is not the day to let you go.

Neither is tomorrow,

and neither is yesterday.

But trust me, it’s a day.

It’s a date under our favorite tree in the school yard,

a long drawn-out text conversation in the night,

everything that we used to love to do

that has now been broken

by you, by me,

by time and the nature of humanity and heartbreaks.

Today is not the day to say goodbye,

but today…

Today is the day I pick up the phone

and let you know


Today II


(You ever have one of those days

when you wake up and say,

“The world’s not real today”?)

When the sky stays slate grey

and your thoughts are delayed

all just because something is not right in the air.

In the way that you talk,

how you walk, how you care.

Is it fair?

To have days when the world picks up pace

and doesn’t take the time to brush life in your face

so you walk through the hall,

and you wish, you just wish

that you could pull the fire alarm

or kiss someone, or punch someone,

and make everything feel slightly less like a dream.

But you don’t, ’cause your bright

and when day turns to night,

you look back to the day that gave you so much fright

and all that you can say as you turn off the light…


Today I’m alright.

“Today Was Beautiful”