366 Poems: November 10th, 2016


There’s a lot of people walking around this world

with arms and legs covered in bandages.

Sometimes, time goes fast enough

to heal them.

And sometimes time only brings more about.

And sometimes, time

just isn’t



366 Poems: July 26th, 2016

Just Warning You

The world is about to get a bit more exciting

and then become boring again.

And then exciting!

And then boring.

And then exciting!

And then boring.


And then completely awful.

The world is about to throw you off



three cliffs.

Make that three and a half.

The world is about to send you a tornado

and a hurricane

and then the prettiest sunshine you’ve ever seen.

Let me tell you

that the world is about to ask you to dance,

and it’s going to sweep






Enjoy it!

366 Poems: May 30th, 2016


Isn’t it funny how I always expect an end?

Like the curtain should close,

the credits should roll,

and what is done is


No questions.

Because to me an end seems logical

and there’s to time left to think


Oh who am I kidding?

When has life ever been logical?

Because really, aren’t I just living

in a bad sequel?

A plot that refuses its closure,

a director who loves it too much

for it to end?

Oh why can’t things just go as planned?

But when the world has to keep on turning…

shouldn’t I understand?

“The Beginning of Darkness”

366 Poems: May 8th, 2016

To the Modern Rebel

Just know that you will be challenged

by people who think they know your field better than you do,

by people who never want to see the clear picture,

by people who refuse to admit that they are afraid.

Know that you will lose many a battle

and that you will frighten many a friend,

that ice may burn and fire may freeze

before you are successful,

and that some days it’ll feel like it.

But the rest of us,

we will sit in our one-bedroom apartments

scathing our tongues on hot ramen noodles,

wishing for hours and days on end

that we could be you.

How unfortunate is it that there are so many of us

and so few of you?

But just remember to do as we say

and not do as we do:

be the person

that we all wake up in the morning

saying that we’ll be,

until the long day grinds us down to none.

And know that the universe

supports you every step of the way…


Because the living were never born to sit still

and wait for the future to come.

366 Poems: April 19th, 2016


Never cease to be amazed

that the world can be broken into calculations

and sounds,

that a feeling can be defined

by a place

or a song

or a word…

A word can mean nothing.

A word can mean everything.

A word can be the difference

between sorrow and survival,

and yet we’ll still never know

what we’re talking about…

We’re standing on the edge

of a rock hurtling through space,

falling through time on some uncharted path–

and you.

You are here.

You are alive.

You are in love with… something.

So please,

don’t ever let it go,

because this world is too good to pass up.

366 Poems: March 21st, 2016

Sleepy Mondays

It’s just one of those days

where I can’t help but feel

that the world is slightly


And there’s a part of me

that says I can fix it,

and another part that would rather

just climb into bed

and slide

down to

the bottom

because why put up the effort

if the whole rest of the world

is still not right side up?

“The Sky Moves Sideways”

366 Poems: March 11th, 2016

My World

It’s all so perfect…

isn’t it?

The way the stars shine,

the way your eyes shine

for me.

The day the day breaks

and the stress takes

all for the good of the cause

of making me smile.

Because every facet of the broken mirror

is broken for me.

Every storm is a puddle for me to jump in,

or to dry up for someone else.

And every light from the sky

comes down just to build

my shadow–

It’s my world to destroy,

my world to save,

the greatest gift I could’ve ever received…

When you think of it like that,

how could you ever throw it away?