Silly Love Songs


oh no,

you’ve broken into my radio

and the waves whisper your name

in the car as I drive far from home.

And I would ask you kindly

to stay in your lane,

but no.

Instead your voice hums in every chord

and your face appears in each lyric.

Whether it’s pain


or a long night,

you always take the stage.

And I would ask you kindly

to let me write my own page,

with the book still dedicated

to you.

But alas,

oh no,

that’s just the way things will go.

Because whether it’s five days

or 50 years,

I’ll never be able to listen to the radio.

Music is My Life by Qinni

“Music is My Life”


366 Poems: August 2nd, 2016

Your Tune

When you realize your life

is entirely  a song,

your whispers a triangle,

your shouting a gong,

your singing a trumpet,

your crying a flute,

your praying a trombone,

your speaking a lute,

your loving a French horn,

your hating a drum,

your caring a rock band,

your losing a strum,

and your heart, a beat

that resounds through the air…

Don’t ever tune out

the music you hold there.

“Mystic Marching Band”

366 Poems: February 8th, 2016

Every Poet a Shakespeare

I came here to write a force of feelings

only to realize it had already been put down

in the lyrics of

a favorite song,

and I couldn’t confront them

for stealing my lines

in a world where we’re all just copies

of the former:

Every poet a Shakespeare,

every love a Romeo and Juliet,

every life a tragedy,

a comedy,

an epic…

You do not have to write something new.

All you need to do

is write