Snowy New Year

Snow is a silent predator

that arrives without a patter,

invades without a thunder clap,

sticks around until March

when the last few mountains the plowers tried to corral

finally disappear down the drains of store parking lots.

And we love it, our snow.

We love nature’s great cleanser

that reminds us of lights and gifts,

when in reality snow buries us in our homes,

makes us slip and break our bones,

and gives the unlucky people who get lost in it

a very peaceful way to fall asleep


But if I were the weather,

I would very much like

to be snow.

Rain brags, and shouts,

and washes us away with it in a day.

But snow proves that even the silent ones

can be

the strongest.

Hello everyone! I am back after being MIA for the past couple days. As you might be able to guess I have been taking a break after my extra-long year of poem writing, while I have also been trying to figure out what I should make of this blog for the new year! Well, I’m happy to say that nothing much is going to be changing; I will still be writing poems and blogging them regularly, although it certainly won’t be as often as every day. I’m not going to lie; 366 Poems wore me out much more than my previous poetry project had, but unfortunately my lifestyle today is not as relaxed and empty as it was when I first came up with this idea. With jobs, college applications, and extracurriculars my life began to spin out of control, and I only fear that it will continue to do so once my senior year ends and college actually begins. However, I do have some continuing projects in mind for this year, some that are similar to what I have already been doing, and some that are fairly radical and different. So I apologize if this blog starts to get a bit quieter. I enjoy all the support that you have given me in my writing and want to continue bringing quality content to this blog, but I believe that my creative endeavors will be best helped if I stop cramming out words every day and instead take them as they come. Do not judge the snow’s silence, as it will still pile up to your roof (as it is doing at my house right now).

Also, since I haven’t said it yet, thank you so much to all my followers and supporters in 2016. I did it again! But I wouldn’t have been able to without the continued support of my WordPress following and all the people who encourage me to keep writing my best. Thank you all very much! Stay warm and have a happy new year!




366 Poems: July 9th, 2016


The more you get to know me,

the more you realize that I

am everywhere.

That the face that was once in the crowd

has a story,

that the quiet soul

who stands in the back of the pictures

has a name.

And perhaps you’ll find

that that name is one you want to have called

quite often.

When you walk into the classroom,

when you read the morning paper,

even when you step outside.

Someday you may realize

that you can even find me

where I’m not.

That the spring breeze carries my name,

that the hot sun feels like my hands,

that the rain is my tears,

and every slow


cascading sound out of the radio

is my voice.

Someday you may beg to hear it.

Or someday you may wish that I

could just go,

and leave you with the sound of our silence.

But darling.

The more I have gotten to know you,

the more I have realized that you

are everywhere.

And no matter the outcome,

the world will never be so silent


“Enjoy the silence”