Silly Love Songs


oh no,

you’ve broken into my radio

and the waves whisper your name

in the car as I drive far from home.

And I would ask you kindly

to stay in your lane,

but no.

Instead your voice hums in every chord

and your face appears in each lyric.

Whether it’s pain


or a long night,

you always take the stage.

And I would ask you kindly

to let me write my own page,

with the book still dedicated

to you.

But alas,

oh no,

that’s just the way things will go.

Because whether it’s five days

or 50 years,

I’ll never be able to listen to the radio.

Music is My Life by Qinni

“Music is My Life”



I’m going to run away–

not from you, not from you

I’m going to run away.

I’m going to run away,

and if true, not from you

will I ever run away.

Will I ever run away?

If I do, if I do,

it will be a splendid day.

I will fly so far away

without you, to the blue

where the crouching tigers play.

But I will not run away–

not from you, if I do,

we will see another day.

Where the crouching tigers play,

I’ll run through, back to you

and refuse to be their prey.

I don’t want to run away.

Though I do, not from you

does my heart wander astray.

Yet I must now run away.

If I stay, if I stay

my future will never play.

Now I ask of you to stay

if you do, if you do

then I will come back someday.

In my heart I hope and pray

that you do, God,¬†please do–

See my knees here where I lay.

And then soon I’ll run away

from that blue, back to you,

as if six months were a day.

And I’ll always run this way

and I’ll stay, when I do.

Yes I’ll stay…

I’ll run to you

because you make home not so far away.

“Ocean, Stars, Sky, and You”

366 Poems: December 23rd, 2016


This girl thinks a lot about the future

and in her mind there is no doubt

that this girl is going to roam.

But this girl also thinks a lot about you

and how you’d fit so snugly

into that future.

That is, if you stay…

if you stay through every trip I may go on,

every country that I visit.

If you stay through every fight and disagreement

which I’m sure is much harder

than the former.

And this girl knows how young we are,

but she thinks lovingly of every moment

when you said that you would stay…

and she hasn’t got a lot to go off of,

but if this girl is ready to roam,

her heart certainly isn’t.

“Walking the white forest”

366 Poems: December 19th, 2016

Love in Translation

Sometimes hearts can speak the same language,

only in different tongues.

A little joke here, a wisecrack there,

all to say what can’t be said


Can it be heard?

Sometimes, sometimes not.

Sometimes it all becomes lost in translation

from a late night,

or a bad day,

or an absolute fear to truly hear

what they have to say.

But the ones who stay

learn to love the beauty in those languages.

The ones who stay know how

to coexist.

366 Poems: December 4th, 2016

Open Window

Sometimes the tinted windows wash away

and the glass, un-obscured, shatters–

upon the figures in the pouring rain,

singing, their words no more than patters

on the surface.

Songs, like poems, are tinted as well

and only hold their weight in metaphor.

But still, in the dark, they hurt like hell

when every drop you presumed a downpour

is a bullet.

Now between us the window stands ajar

like the doorway to a young princess’s dream

and though the road I see is long, and far,

I fear the view, as it seems,

is not so clear.

That we’re both screaming through the rain

as a thousand tree branches break the glass.

And though I know I’ll suffer through the pain

in our promise to survive, I ask…

“Can you hear me?”