366 Poems: October 20th, 2016

Our Home

I said aloud, “Someday we’ll have a home,”

inside the sandwich shop of plastic stone,

not far from the grey atmospheric dome

that just today, left us afraid to roam.

But there is home and it sits in your smile

that takes this space and makes the grey worthwhile

and speaks the sweetest question I have known–

I promise, dear, someday we’ll have a home.


366 Poems: September 29th, 2016

Something Happy

A cool and grey Midwestern day.

A boy on a blanket.

A short nap to last forever.

A field full of friends.

Matching calluses on pointer fingers.

A cute outfit.

A cute person.

A promise of sunshine.

A promise of plenty

of rain,

but if this depressing day

can be so


then maybe

so can


366 Poems: July 28th, 2016

Magic Day

It’s a day where emotion

grinds to a halt

and happiness

spends its last dollar

and the rain

only comes

when no one wants it to.

And you are the sunshine

that pulls me out

of the dark

and I know

that magic

must be real.

366 Poems: May 2nd, 2016

Rain at the Airport

I want so badly

this sweet sense of


with nothing but a rainy window

and a radio,

and to watch the airplanes

come down from the grey.

Where were they going?

Why go at all?

When all that is so holy

up in those clouds

sooner or later comes down

to meet you?

And your window.

And your radio.

And your loneliness…


Why run from what you already have?

“Farewell on a Rainy Day”

366 Poems: March 1st, 2016

Tuesday Greys

He looks at her

on Tuesday greys,

and says, “Make me the one who stays

through all your troubles, all your frays,

your trips and slips and sunny days.

And we might lose this game life plays,

but please, make me the one who stays.”


He talks to her

on weekend blues,

and sings, “Make me the one you choose

to keep you safe the whole night through

in our bed, tangled up with you.

There’s so much here that we could lose,

but please, make me the one you choose.”


He dreams of her

on cold nights sheer,

and thinks, “Make me face all my fears

that leave me in your arms in tears,

that make me hope that mirror clears.

It could be months; it could be years,

but please, make me face all my fears.”


And if you hold me through the greys,

then you will be the one who stays.

And if we’re dancing through the blues,

then you will be the one I choose.

And if you stand strong through the tears,

then I will make you face your fears.


‘Cause if you’re what my sky adores,

then I will be forever yours.

“The Rain is Lovely”

Another Day

This is just another love poem

and this is just another diary page,

and this is just another winter afternoon

when I try

to convince myself

that you are not just another boy.

Oh it sounds so silly

when you put it like that,

because by now all the children

have grown up

and the old ones are still shaking their heads.

And here you and I sit

on the opposite side of reality

trying to make this not just another moment.

You are not just another boy.

But oh, can I say that?

When I look into the puddles

of just another rainy day

and see the stars underneath my feet,

only to find that they are in fact

so far away,

and this life is just another reflection

of the piece I want to play.

“The Sky Beneath My Feet”


365 Poems: April 3rd, 2014

Thunderstorm Circus

The sky tells me to run away,

but there are greater storms on my mind.

You think that I would miss the show

just from a few mud puddles?

The police car says I cannot stay here,

but an umbrella’s an umbrella and school is school.

You think that I would leave

after all the work they did to come here?

Grey horses with thunder hooves

pull carriages of cages with creatures so tall

and lions roar from lightning whips

that tell the horses, “Keep running! Keep running!”

that tell the stars, “Keep shining! Keep shining!”

A parade; a performance that flies through the sky.

A circus too short for the thrill I desire.

They tell me not to go.

They say I’m too tall for my own good.

But this is the greatest show on Earth,

and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.