366 Poems: December 29th, 2016

Good Riddance

This old year may end in, “good riddance.”

This old year may end in goodbyes.

This old year pushed us to our limits.

This old year left us few dry eyes.

But time keeps on turning its pinwheel

as history spins through the skies,

so this year may end in, “good riddance,”

but next year begins with, “nice try.”

“Kuta 2012 New Year Fireworks”


366 Poems: January 1st, 2016

Real Me, Still Me

I stole a kiss at midnight’s chimes

outside my teacher’s door,

and learned more lessons and more rhymes

than I had known before.

I dove into an ocean blue,

no oxygen to spare,

and came back with some fish friends true

and still no need for air.

I’ve gone around the world a few

times and I’ve lived to tell,

but never could create the new

lines from those I knew well.

So unwrap all the ribbons teal

and set the bubbles free.

A kiss is young, an ocean real,

and this girl? I’m still me.

“Love.. Light and Magic…”