Silly Love Songs


oh no,

you’ve broken into my radio

and the waves whisper your name

in the car as I drive far from home.

And I would ask you kindly

to stay in your lane,

but no.

Instead your voice hums in every chord

and your face appears in each lyric.

Whether it’s pain


or a long night,

you always take the stage.

And I would ask you kindly

to let me write my own page,

with the book still dedicated

to you.

But alas,

oh no,

that’s just the way things will go.

Because whether it’s five days

or 50 years,

I’ll never be able to listen to the radio.

Music is My Life by Qinni

“Music is My Life”


366 Poems: December 26th, 2016

The Song

Don’t ask me why I’m singing,

’cause I’ll never know the answer.

Why my voice explores its highs and lows,

how it soars and quivers,

how it grows loud

grows quiet

takes every perfect harmony and wrong note into count.

I won’t know why I’m singing

except I’ve been doing it all my life.

And my life has certainly explored its highs,




perfection and imperfection.

Don’t ask me why I’m singing.

I have always been singing.

It’s just about time I let it be heard.

366 Poems: December 18th, 2016

No More Silence

Tonight I heard my voice again

after so many quiet months.

A few simple words to a song: “White Christmas”

and a creative yearning

like a fire.

For once I forgot how

to sing

and once I forgot how to create,

but the songs are bright

and the fire is too,

and there will be no such thing

as silence.

366 Poems: December 16th, 2016

An Author’s Plea

Oh do not stop me now,

cruel writer’s block.

Do not let another promise be broken

or another project go down in flames.

Do not let this year take a turn

for the worse,

as everything leads up to these moments.

For I have imitated

and I have stolen,

but I have created something new of every letter I thieved

and I am thankful for their power.

Do not let it die before I wake.

Do not let them lock me away with the other lost poets

as soon as the words begin to shake

the ground.

Oh please don’t let the music fade…

For here my symphony begins

to sound.

366 Poems: December 9th, 2016

Band Geek

People often ask me

why I say I like band more than orchestra,

and I’m usually not sure.

Sometimes I say it’s the people,

or the music, or the overall experience,

but last night, in the tones of a jazz trombone solo,

I realized why:

In orchestra, you are valued as being part of a group.

In band, you are valued as an individual.

You are encouraged to be loud,

to be proud,

to play every note like it’s your best

because sometimes, you may be alone.

But that doesn’t mean

the bass hasn’t got

your back.


That is all.

“Jazz Band Book Sculpture”

366 Poems: October 2nd, 2016

The Final Crash

I threw my cymbal into the air

in the same way one throws a hat

or a graduation cap.

As if to conclude that the song was over,

the storm had ended,

the time had passed.

But I like to think that I should smile

because it happened.

Because I played,

because I danced,

because I cried…

I threw my cymbal into the air

to let you know my piece was done.

But my sound

did not stop.

No, my sound rang, resounded,

over miles and miles

and years and years.

The cymbal crash

the lightning flash

is but a moment.


What plays in your heart is forever.


“The Final Crash”