366 Poems: DECEMBER 31ST, 2016

New Me, Still MeĀ 


I took a trip outside the reef

to where white seabirds soar,

and took upon an ocean

that I’d sailed some years before.

And the tides pulled a different way

than planned, but I won’t groan

from friends and falls and memories

that made this sea a home.

Now imagine a little girl

looking out with no name.

Imagine a young woman

looking inward just the same.

Imagine they are meeting,

turning onward and before.

Imagine seabirds flying–

calling, searching,






366 Poems: November 20th, 2016

Slow Ride

I’ve just started driving

and I like to drive slow,

never in a huge rush

to get where I must go.

I leave with plenty time

for those tires to spin,

and I fear that I’ll rush

because then, it begins…

when driving is a hassle,

no longer a gift,

when my senses and safety

split into a rift,

and when I don’t enjoy

my slow ride anymore…


When my life’s less a journey

and more just a chore.