366 Poems: June 4th, 2016


I used to like to use metaphors

to help make a situation seem clearer.

I was the perfect poet:

“This love is a toothpick castle.”

“This love is just another snowstorm.”

“This love is not a fairy tale.”

“This love is a sad song.”

“A grey Tuesday.”

“A traffic jam.”

“The dark side of the moon…”

“This love is a–


Don’t act like you understand what it is.

This love is just that.




And you can’t hide from it, no matter what.


366 Poems: April 20th, 2016

Seasons of You

I met you in the spring

when love was only bright and new,

but I wanted to know you in the summer:

I wanted to see your smile through the leaves of green,

to hear your laugh among the cascading waters,

to feel your warmth under the hot July sun…


And that summer was amazing

and all that I had dreamed,

but then I wanted to know you in the fall:

I wanted to hold your had in the hallways of the school,

to taste your lips with the sweetness of pumpkin and spice,

to see your face framed by the crisp falling leaves…


And that autumn was a battle

that our hearts so strongly won,

but then I wanted to know you in the winter:

I wanted to watch your eyes shine through the shrillness of the air,

to dance with you to carols that we’ve heard a million times,

to finally get that kiss when the ball drops at midnight’s hour…


And so now we have come back to spring

when the flowers are opening up,

and I realize now

that I don’t want just a season of you.

I realize now

what I need.


I need you forever.

“The Four Seasons”

366 Poems: April 8th, 2016

The Jacket

I wore your jacket to school today.

“To keep me warm,” I told you,

as spring continually decides to evade us…

But really it was more than that,

as I have found nights where my only comfort

is that extra large piece of fabric

pulled over me.

And it still feels like I’m in your arms

even though we may be so far away.


It’s days like today when we seem to be so–

when you tell me I shouldn’t feel sorry for you,

even though your eyes say you haven’t slept

and your smile fades the moment you look on

and you try so hard for everything to be



You’ve been trying for too many years, haven’t you?


So today I won’t feel sorry for you.

I’ll let you sleep, I’ll let you smile,

and I’ll wear your jacket like a long velvet cape

just so you know how you make me feel…


And I’ll wear it, so perhaps,

when you give me a hug,

that you’ll feel all the warmth I feel too.

IMG_20160409_205550895 (2).jpg

“The Jacket”

366 Poems: April 1st, 2016


So maybe I’m foolish

for falling in love…

Hey, it’s nothing that I can deny.

But when I look up there

to the bright stars above

and I have the courage to ask why,

I know that I could trade

all those stars for a kiss,

take a touch over every gold ring.

Because I am human,

and I’ll never dismiss

my right to believe in foolish things.

“Ocean, Stars, Sky, and You”

366 Poems: March 24th, 2016

Our Poetry

Some loves can divert and some loves can confuse

but if I am the poet,

then he is the muse.


Like the moment he speaks

and makes a masterpiece in a moment.

Oh, I laugh when he says he can’t sing.


Because when he says,

“You’re more addicting than heroin,”

I hear,

“If I could bottle up the feeling of your kiss,

I’d spend every day injecting it into my veins.”


And when he says,

“You’re a goddess,”

I hear,

“Your smile is the power that keeps the world turning

and I never want to lose your gravity.”


And when he says, “I’ll follow you wherever you go,”

I hear,

“I will never keep you from your dreams,

but please, I hope you let me be part of them.”


And when he says,

“I love you,”

I hear,

“I love you…”


Because no poetry could ever be greater than that.

366 Poems: February 20th, 2016

Beautiful Words

A word is worth a million gifts,

a million kisses, a million dates,

and a smile is worth a million more

in the right time, in the right place.

I know they say that talk is cheap

and words can lie so easily,

but I know there’s nothing more real

than the language you speak to me.

“… P.S. I love you…”

366 Poems: February 9th, 2016


“I love you,” is such a cliché phrase.

I think that once upon a time it must have meant something more, when conversations were short an soap operas hadn’t been invented yet. Today we can never tell if someone is really in love. It’s become so easy to lie and words are just thrown back and forth like boomerangs and crossed fingers and it doesn’t make sense that three words could still be strong enough to defy a cultural mindset. Children joke with those words and adults joke with them even more, and sooner or later the phrase just dies along with the romantic comedies and prom pictures and everything else that’s been said and done too many times.

But there is a time when things aren’t so cliché. It’s the age when a person has had their heart broken before but not so much to break everything. It’s when then innocence is freshly gone– when the mind begs to have something that is truthful. These are the days when “I love you” means something. It’s when people are so scared to become like the rest of the cruel world and don’t say things they should and keep them inside until there’s no way else to say them; when all other forms of communication are broken and can’t explain the feelings that are so beautiful and so wonderful– so completely utterly insane that they need to be cliché.

There are a lot of things in relationships that are like that, because sometimes you need something that’s already been done. Sometimes you need to grab her hand while walking in the hallway or give her a heart-shaped lollipop or kiss her in the band room before heading to first period. Anything else is just too complicated to figure out.

And if it works, why not use it?