I’m going to run away–

not from you, not from you

I’m going to run away.

I’m going to run away,

and if true, not from you

will I ever run away.

Will I ever run away?

If I do, if I do,

it will be a splendid day.

I will fly so far away

without you, to the blue

where the crouching tigers play.

But I will not run away–

not from you, if I do,

we will see another day.

Where the crouching tigers play,

I’ll run through, back to you

and refuse to be their prey.

I don’t want to run away.

Though I do, not from you

does my heart wander astray.

Yet I must now run away.

If I stay, if I stay

my future will never play.

Now I ask of you to stay

if you do, if you do

then I will come back someday.

In my heart I hope and pray

that you do, God, please do–

See my knees here where I lay.

And then soon I’ll run away

from that blue, back to you,

as if six months were a day.

And I’ll always run this way

and I’ll stay, when I do.

Yes I’ll stay…

I’ll run to you

because you make home not so far away.

“Ocean, Stars, Sky, and You”


366 Poems: December 23rd, 2016


This girl thinks a lot about the future

and in her mind there is no doubt

that this girl is going to roam.

But this girl also thinks a lot about you

and how you’d fit so snugly

into that future.

That is, if you stay…

if you stay through every trip I may go on,

every country that I visit.

If you stay through every fight and disagreement

which I’m sure is much harder

than the former.

And this girl knows how young we are,

but she thinks lovingly of every moment

when you said that you would stay…

and she hasn’t got a lot to go off of,

but if this girl is ready to roam,

her heart certainly isn’t.

“Walking the white forest”

366 Poems: November 22nd, 2016

Perfect Date

Today you brought me to a coffee shop

made of little connected rooms under the street

and we sat and played games and talked.

Then we walked through the park

for about half an hour

until we reached the shopping mall

where we spent a whole hour just trying on coats

and probably confusing

the staff.


But I know I’m not confused

as to how much

I love you.

“International House of Coffee”

366 Poems: November 1st, 2016

Street Lamp

Tonight I sat with you on the hood of my car

underneath the yellow street lamp..

and it was then and there that I felt like I’d made it.

That we’d made it.

That this was the scene before the end credits

where all those worries and fears

had already fallen away,

and you and I were like stars in the sky,

so desperately far away

from infinity

and yet here we were shining like supernovas.

Like epiphanies.

Like a white smile in the dark…

And I hope that tonight you felt something different

when I told you I loved you.

Because tonight I meant it

like never before.

Expelled within a giggle

after a final kiss,

on the car, underneath the lamp,

in the starlight…

This is what I left you with.

This is what I’ll come back to you with.

Because I am never



driving away.

366 Poems: September 3rd, 2016

Bigger than the Whole Sky

The world is full of pretty skies

and you are one of them–

a jewel in the heavens,

a star that I revolve around.

And though this future knows sunrises

and sunsets

and days that are ever so dark,

at least I know

I’ll still be held

by you

and never not know gravity.

“sky full of stars”