366 Poems: DECEMBER 31ST, 2016

New Me, Still MeĀ 


I took a trip outside the reef

to where white seabirds soar,

and took upon an ocean

that I’d sailed some years before.

And the tides pulled a different way

than planned, but I won’t groan

from friends and falls and memories

that made this sea a home.

Now imagine a little girl

looking out with no name.

Imagine a young woman

looking inward just the same.

Imagine they are meeting,

turning onward and before.

Imagine seabirds flying–

calling, searching,






366 Poems: November 27th, 2016

Catching Up

Those who cry

and those who fall

can always use some time

to heal,

although some never give themselves the hours.


But if they try

to take it all

and remember what it was like

to feel,

the universe will give them more than flowers.


It’ll give them a standing ovation.