Ebb and Flow

I could write dissertations

on the science of happiness

But I don’t.

Instead I write poems

(or a lack thereof)

and wade through its ebbs and flows,

watching as it drowns me

eludes me

brings me forward

pushes me away–

And I would study its every molecule,

separate its every hue,

document every euphoria,

diagnose every anxiety,

and spend each day observing every bright wonderful night

if only I knew





“Bright Wonderful Night”


366 Poems: December 24th, 2016

Peace At Last

We never have much time

to sleep,

because we only have so much time

to live.

And we can spend it how we want–

looking at phones,

arguing about politics,

wishing for more rest,

more time,

to say the very least.

But tonight we spend it looking at the stars

on every corner of the Earth,

and though I know

that our lives are anything but equal,

I like to think for once

that we are

at peace.

366 Poems: August 22nd, 2016

Poetically Awkward

I long for the poetically awkward:

for the night our arms go numb

when we haven’t yet figured out how to hold each other

For the days you hug me in the hallway

and I’m too anxious to hug you back

For the wacky faces made across the classroom

when we’re not sure if we’re looking the same direction

For all the laughs and silly smiles

For all the words taken the wrong way.

I long for a piece of paper

describing all my feats and faults

with words like “worrisome,” “Wiccan,” “acne prone,”

that make me laugh out loud.

And below it, the words,

“These are all the reasons I love you.”

Wrapped up in a box,

with a shell and some fast food coupons

just so I have an excuse to visit you at work.

Oh how I long

for the most awkward boy on the planet

and the way he makes me smile…

It’s prettier than any poem I’ve ever read.

366 Poems: August 19th, 2016

Happy Poem

It’s hard to write a poem

when you’re happy–

when the world has turned just the way you want it,

when you’re needed,

when you’re loved,

and you’ve spent the entire evening in your favorite place

with your favorite person,

and better yet,

your birthday is tomorrow!

So in celebration,

I could hunker down

and write the deepest poem the world has ever known,

or I could say, simply,

that I

am happy.

No, ecstatic about life.

And rather than having me bring the words

into this new year,

I want to see

where the words

bring me.