366 Poems: August 29th, 2016


I spent many years trying to find friends

who would stay–

who could love me,

who could understand me,

who wanted to be with me,

who invited me to parties and shared with me their secrets,

who smiled when I walked in the room…

And this year I found them.

Oh, it’s been nothing but swell.

For five years I went searching,

living, dying, being reborn

only to find what I was looking for

at the end of my rope…

Ah, senior year.

The year of memories.

The year of new beginnings–

but I don’t want to begin.

I’ve spent years doing that,

rebuilding and reshaping my ways,

only now to find people who can see my true self

and like me that way.


And in just a few months, they’ll be taken away.

“Don’t let me go… (Tribute – Guilty Crown)


366 Poems: August 28th, 2016

Beautiful Mess

Some day my room will be clean

and some day my life will be too.

Some day I’ll sleep in a freshly-made bed

with my sheets at my toes

and my dreams in my head,

and with you.

Oh but time is still running its mouth

speaking too fast to know

what it’s talking about.

And I know I’ll have fun

in a week, or a year…

but my greatest love is the mess I have

right here.

“Room of Disaster”

366 Poems: August 6th, 2016

A Note to the Last Generation

At first we were too busy learning to read

instead of learning what future we’d been given.

And then we were too busy worrying about the dark

instead of worrying how the world was going to end.

And now we are too busy falling in love

instead of falling into step with society.

But once we grow older

and figure it all out…

Look out.

366 Poems: July 10th, 2016


Would you believe me if I said

that the world was against us?

That every day  the neon signs tell me

to give up on first love,

to forget blissful happiness,

to accept imminent failure,

to concede to the forces that are

mortal fates?

Would you believe my if I said

that I’m going to beat them?

That I’m going to put up my own banner

saying that I’m forever yours,

that I’m going to be okay,

that I’m going to be successful,

and that I am going to show the world

a goddess?

Would you laugh and say I’m just a teenager

searching for immortality?

That like Gilgamesh, I will soon find myself

alone by the sea,

looking at the kingdom I never gave myself the chance

to own?

Will you take the easy way

and say our fate is set in stone?


Or will you join me?

366 Poems: June 20th, 2016

Little Sister

I hope you grow up

loving all the songs I play for you.

I hope you grow up

still waving on the porch as I drive away.

I hope you grow up

loving Pokemon,

loving violins,

asking Mom and Dad to go out

just so you can hang out

with me.

I hope you grow up…




Don’t grow up.

“Big sister, Little sister”

366 Poems: June 10th, 2016


Let me off into the dark

and know that someday I’ll succeed,

that I’ll figure out right and wrong,

that I will plant serenity

and watch the trees grow tall and strong

away from every toxic weed.

And though I may grow far from home

my roots, to here, will always lead.

Golden Independence by FramedByNature

“Golden Independence”

366 Poems: May 18th, 2016

Be the Queen

Today the future queen graduates

and tomorrow she packs up her things.

Then the next day she goes to the city,

then the next day she finds her first love,

then the next day she becomes a hero,

then the next day she loses it all.

Suddenly she’s got tears on her bed sheets.

Suddenly she’s struggling to pay rent.

Suddenly she’s the dirt they all walk on,

and she thinks all she can do is fall.

But the future queen grows to be stronger

and the future queen wipes off her skirt,

and she walks to the door of the office,

and she hands them her own resignation.

She kisses goodbye every lost lover.

She sends all her complaints to the sky,

and she walks down the streets of that city of fools…

and she rules.