366 Poems: December 24th, 2016

Peace At Last

We never have much time

to sleep,

because we only have so much time

to live.

And we can spend it how we want–

looking at phones,

arguing about politics,

wishing for more rest,

more time,

to say the very least.

But tonight we spend it looking at the stars

on every corner of the Earth,

and though I know

that our lives are anything but equal,

I like to think for once

that we are

at peace.


366 Poems: December 3rd, 2016

It’s a Gift

Knees shaking, cheeks twinging, smiles sparkling

as the happiness overflows.

Now, let’s see… a gift for you,

a gift for them,

a gift for her,

a gift for him,

a gift for me? Oh, most certainly


Just the anticipation of the feeling

when I walk into the hall as the band


and my friends stand along the wall

nodding their heads to the tunes of bells

and sleighs.

And the ever-glowing music grows

as I pass out the special gifts,

watch her open her bag in glee,

wrap the jacket around his shoulders,

give her a hug when she opens hers,

growing, growing,

even when the band stops



It’s the best gift in the world.

“Merry Christmas 2011”

366 Poems: December 1st, 2016

Christmas List

It’s very difficult to write a Christmas list

when you’re 17,

mainly because nothing you really want can be given.

For example: dear family,

for Christmas this year, I would like…

a free ride to college,

a way to stop time,

a semester full of art classes,

a new President Elect,

a CD for my car with room for 50+ songs,

cheaper gas,

a smaller desire to go to Dairy Queen each night,

a clear future,

a chance for my boyfriend to VERY INNOCENTLY spend the night,

a chance to sleep in,

a chance to eat breakfast,

a chance to go to bed at a reasonable hour,

a chance to figure




Maybe adults need a Santa Claus too.

“Grown Up Christmas List”

365 Poems: December 26th, 2014

The Gift of Time

All these sweet seconds wasted

on gifts that we give,

waiting for those great days

when it’s easy to live.

On those weekends so grand

that fulcrum our whole lives,

it takes something quite strong

to give us a surprise.

And it comes in the cloak

of a gift made of time

where the thought that’s put in

is more than any rhyme.

Every fingerprint pressed,

every key swiftly clicked,

every ribbon that’s wrapped

to keep prying eyes tricked.

Sure a speed boat is good

or a ring made of gold,

but there’s more worth in things

that we can’t really hold,

’cause time is running out.

It’s never been a myth,

and this world’s greatest prize

is who we spend it with.

365 Poems: December 23rd, 2014

Christmas Songs

The tunes we’ve heard a million times

by every artist imaginable.

Every remix,

every original,

every “Silent Night” and “Jingle Bells”.

Every shop worker that moans,

every orchestra that groans,

every percussionist that’s memorized

the sleigh bells and chimes.

Every twist that is added

to the old nursery rhymes,

and the songs in my heart

that I’m singing ’til June

’cause in this time of year,

we can sing the same tune.

“Christmas is Coming!”

365 Poems: December 20th, 2014

Why I Love Christmas

I don’t celebrate Christmas

to celebrate the birth of Jesus,

although I respect the people who do.

As you can probably guess,

I didn’t grow up with that way:

presents were presents,

a tree was a tree,

a star was a star.

But I’ve always loved this time of year,


It’s kind of difficult not to.

Why, you may ask?

It’s because Christmas is magical.

And no, I don’t mean reindeer

and singing snowmen.

I mean the way that people see it

as a reason to do something:

as a reason to be nice

and to help someone out,

to add a bit of sparkle to their lives

and to not care if it’s cold.

I see people giving gifts to the poor

and handing out random acts of kindness

and doing all they can to make someone smile

just because, “It’s Christmas.”

“It’s the holidays.”

“It’s that time of year.”

No matter what’s happening in the world,

no matter how hopeless or horrifying,

people feel like they have a chance to change a life.

How could anyone hate that?

How could anyone, regardless of beliefs,

see that as something wrong?

So yes; maybe it’s just a tree

and maybe a star is nothing to get excited over,

but during the holiday season,

I don’t celebrate what something is.

I celebrate what it does,

and how we grow because of it.