366 Poems: December 2nd, 2016

Stomach Ache

My body hates me

and my mind betrays me

into thinking all of these awful things.

But you can see the beauty

in everything…

even if I can’t quite

stomach it.


366 Poems: July 28th, 2016

Magic Day

It’s a day where emotion

grinds to a halt

and happiness

spends its last dollar

and the rain

only comes

when no one wants it to.

And you are the sunshine

that pulls me out

of the dark

and I know

that magic

must be real.

366 Poems: January 22nd, 2016


It tastes like honey

with a sting,

or like a bark

that’s got a bite,

a sharp wind to

make those bells sing,

a love that keeps

you up all night.


I will not fight

the taste of love,

all wrapped in the

cold metal rings.

‘Cause in the spite

of the bad day,

I take the pain

and still, I sing.

366 Poems: January 4th, 2016


Freud told me it was out of my control–

Pavlov said it was all in my head

and I know

that it’s true,

’cause one day back in school,

I’ve been kissed by the boy of my dreams,

given good grades,

complimented on my hair one, two, three, four,

fiveĀ times,

met with smiles,

kept on task,

and I





Nietzsche told me to stray from status quos

and I know that it’s all in my head,

but the calendar

says it’s Monday–

I’m going to bed.