This week could’ve made psychos wish for souls

and cannibals lose their appetite.

But gods,

if I can’t comprehend the day,

then let me be insane tonight.

Let me have these dreams–

that sit here now and fear the light of empty pages.

Let me wish to be the homewrecker

in a universe dissatisfaction colors rose gold.

Oh, but why does it seem so right?

Thinking that I could be her senator…

Tonight, let me believe that the pantsuit fit just right,

that my parents won’t worry when they read this,

that there was a feasible number of drinks that could drown my inhibitions…

And let me believe

that there is someone, out there,

who is worth having me.

Someone who can see the saint, the genius, the creator,

and doesn’t make me feel like I’m settling

for less…

It was so simple to believe

that he knows what he has.

And tonight…

let me believe that there truly is a second chance.

I’ll design every chance I give boys and girls

to show me that they’ll love all my abilities.

And I’ll keep doing it, over and over,

expecting that some day the results

will change.


Running Inward

Trust is all about running inward.


When it’s the end of the world

and the monsters come to eat you alive,

do you run away–

back to the solitary life that is survival

where the only thing between you

and the madness

is your feet?

Or do you run inward?

Into the haven, the quarantine,

where others as broken as you stand to lend a hand?

It seems simple enough…

But running inward can hurt you, too.

The people within those walls, they can also eat you alive,

or you can eat them,

with the demons you’ve been carrying inside you

since the fight began.

Do you risk a new type of pain,

a new type of sorrow,

for the chance to not only survive,

but live?


Love is all about running inward.


When my mind was falling over pebbles, and my voice shook,

your hands were the first thing I grabbed for

and your eyes told me that you’d never seen me so afraid.

But I didn’t care,

because I was finally tired

of running away,

and just letting my demons eat me alone.

“You can’t fix me,” I said,

“I’ve fought monster with powers beyond time and space.”

“But I can help,” you said,

and you let me hold your hands

until the thundering ceased.


And never had life felt so simple.

Silly Love Songs


oh no,

you’ve broken into my radio

and the waves whisper your name

in the car as I drive far from home.

And I would ask you kindly

to stay in your lane,

but no.

Instead your voice hums in every chord

and your face appears in each lyric.

Whether it’s pain


or a long night,

you always take the stage.

And I would ask you kindly

to let me write my own page,

with the book still dedicated

to you.

But alas,

oh no,

that’s just the way things will go.

Because whether it’s five days

or 50 years,

I’ll never be able to listen to the radio.

Music is My Life by Qinni

“Music is My Life”

Ebb and Flow

I could write dissertations

on the science of happiness

But I don’t.

Instead I write poems

(or a lack thereof)

and wade through its ebbs and flows,

watching as it drowns me

eludes me

brings me forward

pushes me away–

And I would study its every molecule,

separate its every hue,

document every euphoria,

diagnose every anxiety,

and spend each day observing every bright wonderful night

if only I knew





“Bright Wonderful Night”


I’m going to run away–

not from you, not from you

I’m going to run away.

I’m going to run away,

and if true, not from you

will I ever run away.

Will I ever run away?

If I do, if I do,

it will be a splendid day.

I will fly so far away

without you, to the blue

where the crouching tigers play.

But I will not run away–

not from you, if I do,

we will see another day.

Where the crouching tigers play,

I’ll run through, back to you

and refuse to be their prey.

I don’t want to run away.

Though I do, not from you

does my heart wander astray.

Yet I must now run away.

If I stay, if I stay

my future will never play.

Now I ask of you to stay

if you do, if you do

then I will come back someday.

In my heart I hope and pray

that you do, God, please do–

See my knees here where I lay.

And then soon I’ll run away

from that blue, back to you,

as if six months were a day.

And I’ll always run this way

and I’ll stay, when I do.

Yes I’ll stay…

I’ll run to you

because you make home not so far away.

“Ocean, Stars, Sky, and You”

Snowy New Year

Snow is a silent predator

that arrives without a patter,

invades without a thunder clap,

sticks around until March

when the last few mountains the plowers tried to corral

finally disappear down the drains of store parking lots.

And we love it, our snow.

We love nature’s great cleanser

that reminds us of lights and gifts,

when in reality snow buries us in our homes,

makes us slip and break our bones,

and gives the unlucky people who get lost in it

a very peaceful way to fall asleep


But if I were the weather,

I would very much like

to be snow.

Rain brags, and shouts,

and washes us away with it in a day.

But snow proves that even the silent ones

can be

the strongest.

Hello everyone! I am back after being MIA for the past couple days. As you might be able to guess I have been taking a break after my extra-long year of poem writing, while I have also been trying to figure out what I should make of this blog for the new year! Well, I’m happy to say that nothing much is going to be changing; I will still be writing poems and blogging them regularly, although it certainly won’t be as often as every day. I’m not going to lie; 366 Poems wore me out much more than my previous poetry project had, but unfortunately my lifestyle today is not as relaxed and empty as it was when I first came up with this idea. With jobs, college applications, and extracurriculars my life began to spin out of control, and I only fear that it will continue to do so once my senior year ends and college actually begins. However, I do have some continuing projects in mind for this year, some that are similar to what I have already been doing, and some that are fairly radical and different. So I apologize if this blog starts to get a bit quieter. I enjoy all the support that you have given me in my writing and want to continue bringing quality content to this blog, but I believe that my creative endeavors will be best helped if I stop cramming out words every day and instead take them as they come. Do not judge the snow’s silence, as it will still pile up to your roof (as it is doing at my house right now).

Also, since I haven’t said it yet, thank you so much to all my followers and supporters in 2016. I did it again! But I wouldn’t have been able to without the continued support of my WordPress following and all the people who encourage me to keep writing my best. Thank you all very much! Stay warm and have a happy new year!



366 Poems: DECEMBER 31ST, 2016

New Me, Still Me 


I took a trip outside the reef

to where white seabirds soar,

and took upon an ocean

that I’d sailed some years before.

And the tides pulled a different way

than planned, but I won’t groan

from friends and falls and memories

that made this sea a home.

Now imagine a little girl

looking out with no name.

Imagine a young woman

looking inward just the same.

Imagine they are meeting,

turning onward and before.

Imagine seabirds flying–

calling, searching,