366 Poems: December 29th, 2016

Good Riddance

This old year may end in, “good riddance.”

This old year may end in goodbyes.

This old year pushed us to our limits.

This old year left us few dry eyes.

But time keeps on turning its pinwheel

as history spins through the skies,

so this year may end in, “good riddance,”

but next year begins with, “nice try.”

“Kuta 2012 New Year Fireworks”


366 Poems: December 28th, 2016

Old Words

I wish for the words of another age

when my mind was less preoccupied,

when I couldn’t create in other ways,

and from the paper, my pen would never stray.

But times are changing, as they always do,

and I fear where my words may disappear to

but if they must, I ask one thing:

please let them still exist.

“Something new, something old.”

366 Poems: December 26th, 2016

The Song

Don’t ask me why I’m singing,

’cause I’ll never know the answer.

Why my voice explores its highs and lows,

how it soars and quivers,

how it grows loud

grows quiet

takes every perfect harmony and wrong note into count.

I won’t know why I’m singing

except I’ve been doing it all my life.

And my life has certainly explored its highs,




perfection and imperfection.

Don’t ask me why I’m singing.

I have always been singing.

It’s just about time I let it be heard.

366 Poems: December 24th, 2016

Peace At Last

We never have much time

to sleep,

because we only have so much time

to live.

And we can spend it how we want–

looking at phones,

arguing about politics,

wishing for more rest,

more time,

to say the very least.

But tonight we spend it looking at the stars

on every corner of the Earth,

and though I know

that our lives are anything but equal,

I like to think for once

that we are

at peace.

366 Poems: December 23rd, 2016


This girl thinks a lot about the future

and in her mind there is no doubt

that this girl is going to roam.

But this girl also thinks a lot about you

and how you’d fit so snugly

into that future.

That is, if you stay…

if you stay through every trip I may go on,

every country that I visit.

If you stay through every fight and disagreement

which I’m sure is much harder

than the former.

And this girl knows how young we are,

but she thinks lovingly of every moment

when you said that you would stay…

and she hasn’t got a lot to go off of,

but if this girl is ready to roam,

her heart certainly isn’t.

“Walking the white forest”