About Me

Contact Info: realgirlnoname@gmail.com

Hello and welcome to my blog! I am a high-schooler with a love for writing. This is where I post about my writing and the life I live. At the beginning of 2014, I started a 365 Poems project where I try to write a poem every day and strengthen myself as a writer in the process. Since the project was such a success, I decided to continue the tradition a year later with my “366 Poems” project for the year of 2016. Someday, I hope to begin taking serious steps to publishing a novel, although right now I am just bouncing back and forth from project to project. Thank you for visiting my blog and helping me with this goal! Here is a bit more about me personally if you want to know.

I am a girl… obviously.

I have no name on this blog. There is a reason for this. I used to come up with silly pen names like “Dare2BDaring” and “Marina Flylight” and “Flowertown Vampire”, but I have learned that none of the names that I choose can really do justice to who I truly am as a person. So I have decided to let my writing do the talking. My name is unimportant, and my anonymity allows me to say all that my heart desires without fear of judgement or backlash. So for as long as this blog exists for this purpose, I will be known simply as RGNN.

I am a Witch. Yes, I am. You could also say I am a Wiccan, Pagan, but you can not say that I am a Satan worshiper. That is not true in any way shape or form in any context. If you are not okay with this, then there are many other blogs that you could read. I am not evil. I am not a person with green skin and a flying broomstick. I do not take people who post that I am evil. This is why I put it on this page. Maybe by the time you read this, you will see that I am not that bad. I am good actually. That’s all I have to say about that.

I believe in dragons. I know its crazy, but they’re real. They’re watching you read this right now. They’re watching me write this right now. Can’t you feel them?

I have a brother and a baby half-sister. I live with my mom and my step-dad mostly, but I also go to my Dad’s house sometimes.

I love nature. I love camping and running through the rain during a thunderstorm and swimming in the ocean. Nothing makes me more happy than being in nature.

I love to sing and I love music, but you might not know about what I like. My Dad has given me a very strange mixture of music that I have learned to love. Have you ever heard of Birthday Massacre? Have you heard of the Corrs? Chvrches? The Staves? Look them up.

I am an Anglophile. If you ever want to talk to me about “Doctor Who” or “Sherlock” or any other BBC shows, I will be happy to be part of the conversation. If you have not seen these shows, YOU MUST!!!

I am a nerd and proud of it. πŸ˜‰



  1. You are a very fascinating person. I like that you pointed out the difference between being a Witch and worshiping the devil.
    Also, I hope dragons are real, but my faith isn’t quite up to par with yours.

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