What a wonder it was

for tarnished eyes to see–

an old Ganesha charm

hanging down gracefully

from a vineyard of beads

that reside on my wrist–

“Oh who would ever think

it was them that I missed?”

When I gave them away

in a misguided plea.

“Here’s my heart, take good care–”


he’s never taken care of silver, has he?

He won’t know that it takes

more than one “I love you.”

It takes hard work and trust

to make love shine like new.

He never saw it darken,

a tragedy so,

until he was wise enough

to just let it go.

And I thank him, for that

(And I’ll also thank you).

Now it’s polished and primed,

and it knows what to do.

To help this young girl learn

to shine bright and be true.

“Do your best and just be

unapologetically you!”

(And if this poem stings,

I do not mean you pain.

I just felt it was right

to write something again.

And I won’t bite my tongue

for no ghost in the fray

You have chosen to read,

so you’ll hear what I say.)

So come on, little girl

and wear your silver dress.

The sun is shining bright

and you’re looking your best.

Find the life you deserve,

love, laugh, and never quit.

You have your heart back now,

so go out and use it!



1 Comment

  1. I’ll always with I never left so much unsaid… and I hope one day that I’ll be able to get it all out. Thank you so much for the last 4ish years. I’ll never forget them or regret them and I’ll always hold them dear, and I’m not saying that because I think it’s what WE want to hear. I’ll always be here, waiting for a call. (I’m not trying again, I don’t deserve it after all.)

    By the way, I tried polishing the charm but someone wouldn’t let me. Sorry it came back the way it did. Hit me up some time maybe. I’ll see you around, my long, lost friend.

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