366 Poems: December 7th, 2016

Shower Thoughts

I get now why the heating vent grumbles in the night.

It’s just talking to the shower head,

and let me tell you they’ve been scheming for a while now.

“It’s amazing how much she enjoys us,” the shower patters.

“Oh I couldn’t agree more!” says the vent in echo-y laughter.

“I remember when she was young

and she would just sit on me with a towel wrapped around her

and dry herself in my warmth.”

“And I remember when she’d stay in here for hours,” says the shower,

“and just stick her head underneath the warm waterfall,

the temperature so hot it could almost burn her.”

“And she still acts that way,” says the vent.

“Why, to this day!” says the shower.

And they laugh, because unlike me,

they know what’s going on.

They understand exactly that desire for warmth.

A desire for company,

for companionship,

for hot chocolate smiles and tropical hugs,

for security,

for serenity,

for love.

And if the grumbling in the night doesn’t bother me as much

as it did before,

then I can only hope I’ve found it.

“Sometimes, just sitting in the shower for a while”


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