366 Poems: November 8th, 2016


I hope,

just today,

that I did

something great.

And I hope the rest feel this way too.


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  1. While there has been a huge advantage to me being late on my poetry (I don’t have to worry so much about instant reactions to what I say) it is a bit awkward and unfortunate that I couldn’t post today’s three poems on the days that they were written. Hopefully, the time that has passed since then has given both me and my readers some perspective on recent events. I don’t always enjoy being political on this blog, as I do not want to stir up controversy on what is supposed to be a simple creative platform. But I will leave my words here, as I believe they are very important, no matter your thoughts and feelings on the election.

    I’m sure you have all heard this before, but please be respectful to my words and the words of others during this time. Some of us may be happy, while some of us may be down and afraid, but I think above all it is our duty now to fill the deep bipartisan divides of this country and begin to listen to each other, and see how we can make this country better. All of us, together.

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