366 Poems: September 21st, 2016

Teenage Trilogy

These days the young adult world is obsessed with trilogies–

three books, no more, no less

often about a girl

who has only one male love interest

(or two, but those have gotten a bit cliché).

Actually, it’s all gotten a bit overdone,

and yet some days I’m convinced

that I’m living in a teenage trilogy–

sophomore year, junior year, senior year,

and all three years

of him.

We’ve had conflicts, resolutions,

preludes and epilogues and fairy tales.

He is a fairy tale.

After 17 months of seeing the same face day after day,

it’s still the most beautiful thing in the world.

It still brings me infinite happiness to think of it.

But what doesn’t bring me happiness

is that forever, in a trilogy,

is usually not more than five pages long.

(If you’re lucky.)

Our forever would be much longer than that,

I hope.

Or maybe that’s it.

Maybe we’re destined to be just three years.

But I don’t want a trilogy.

I want a hundred-book series that keeps going on and on,

with generation of characters after generation.

I want an epic that goes so long

that the critics will say the author has run out of ideas.

But I will not believe them.

I will be clutching my novels deep down in my library,

reading and re-reading,

constantly begging for more of what I love so much.


Because our story is one that doesn’t need an ending.


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