366 Poems: September 14th, 2016

Penny for My Thoughts

Last night at twelve o’clock I went to bed

and woke this morn with three holes in my head.

And as I walked to school, my feelings fled

out of my pockets, ripped from end to end,

and fell as copper change upon the ground.

But did you, in the forest, hear a sound?


From the first hole are words for family

and all questions of who I want to be.

I joke I am a liar, but it’s true–

all answers I have framed this way for you.

And I love you, but I know it’s a game

and if I lose, will you see me the same?


From the second are words for him alone

stuck in between the young, growing, and grown.

My two futures, you say, can intertwine

but what if love’s not fit for my design?

I’m glad Shakespeare wrote cheesy poems too,

but I doubt I’ll become famous from you.


And from the third the words pour out right here

to faces that I cannot love nor fear.

You don’t know me and you don’t know my mind

but in these words, my skull escapes the grind.

Just keep in mind the pennies as they fall…

and know that you’re the richest of them all.

“A Penny for Your Thoughts”


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