366 Poems: August 29th, 2016


I spent many years trying to find friends

who would stay–

who could love me,

who could understand me,

who wanted to be with me,

who invited me to parties and shared with me their secrets,

who smiled when I walked in the room…

And this year I found them.

Oh, it’s been nothing but swell.

For five years I went searching,

living, dying, being reborn

only to find what I was looking for

at the end of my rope…

Ah, senior year.

The year of memories.

The year of new beginnings–

but I don’t want to begin.

I’ve spent years doing that,

rebuilding and reshaping my ways,

only now to find people who can see my true self

and like me that way.


And in just a few months, they’ll be taken away.

“Don’t let me go… (Tribute – Guilty Crown)


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