366 Poems: August 26th, 2016


“I love a boy,” I’ll say

to their expectations,

“And yet I am in love with girls.

Not just one, oh no sir,

but the entire lot of them.

Every housewife, every huntress,

every suffragette and damsel.


Because girls are pretty, no, gorgeous

in absolutely anything.

Dress clothes, sweatshirts, swimsuits, burkas,

all of it!

Girls are powerful. Girls are queens!

They wield shields and swords,

flyers, bulletin boards,

and in silent computer coded words,

they wield themselves.

Girls have flaws

and they’re nicer because of them.

No matter how many hairs or muscles or feet,

they are always complete.

And I have a special appreciation

for girls who are sweet,

or who can’t be

because life has just pushed them too far.

And the girls trying to figure out

what side that they’re on,

if they’re happy or sad

with the life they’re holding on


Oh, a girl is a masterpiece!”

And they’d ask, “Oh but why?

What makes girls much more special

than all of the guys?”

Well they’re not much more special.

In fact if you listen again

you might find

they’re the same…


You might see we’re all human

and start liking it that way.



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