366 Poems: August 23rd, 2016


A lot of people told me I’m smart

when I showed them my AP English grade.

And I kind of had to laugh to myself

because I haven’t been feeling especially smart.

I can say that I’m bright–

for I’m able to understand literary texts

and marvel at history with ease.

And perhaps I was born with the ability

to focus and figure things out more than others…

But if I was really that smart,

I would’ve figured out that English and history were old news.

I would’ve been able to state my intended major

without the comment, “You’re not planning on being rich, are you?”

I would’ve stayed away from the interest of art classes

(more commonly known as means of suicide)

and I would’ve worked on more practical things

like imaginary numbers

and holograms.

Actually I was never fully encouraged to work hard on anything.


Because I was smart.

Because I got it.


But I am not smart.

I am only smart in that I already knew what I was learning.

I am only smart in that I don’t really have to try.

I am only smart if the number of points on an obscure test is high.

I am only smart if life works the exact same way that school does.

I am smart because I think it’s easy.

I am smart because they think it’s hard.

I am smart because I







And turns out, that’s not enough.

“Simple is Smart”


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