366 Poems: July 10th, 2016


Would you believe me if I said

that the world was against us?

That every day  the neon signs tell me

to give up on first love,

to forget blissful happiness,

to accept imminent failure,

to concede to the forces that are

mortal fates?

Would you believe my if I said

that I’m going to beat them?

That I’m going to put up my own banner

saying that I’m forever yours,

that I’m going to be okay,

that I’m going to be successful,

and that I am going to show the world

a goddess?

Would you laugh and say I’m just a teenager

searching for immortality?

That like Gilgamesh, I will soon find myself

alone by the sea,

looking at the kingdom I never gave myself the chance

to own?

Will you take the easy way

and say our fate is set in stone?


Or will you join me?


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