366 Poems: July 9th, 2016


The more you get to know me,

the more you realize that I

am everywhere.

That the face that was once in the crowd

has a story,

that the quiet soul

who stands in the back of the pictures

has a name.

And perhaps you’ll find

that that name is one you want to have called

quite often.

When you walk into the classroom,

when you read the morning paper,

even when you step outside.

Someday you may realize

that you can even find me

where I’m not.

That the spring breeze carries my name,

that the hot sun feels like my hands,

that the rain is my tears,

and every slow


cascading sound out of the radio

is my voice.

Someday you may beg to hear it.

Or someday you may wish that I

could just go,

and leave you with the sound of our silence.

But darling.

The more I have gotten to know you,

the more I have realized that you

are everywhere.

And no matter the outcome,

the world will never be so silent


“Enjoy the silence”


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