366 Poems: July 8th, 2016


Some people say

that death equals change,

and some days I wish it would happen that way.

When their Romeo’s gone

and their Juliet too,

and the funeral goers ask, “What do we do?”

they shake hands and make plans

and survive the night through.


And some people shout

that we’ll figure it out,

but most days they don’t know what they’re talking about.

When social order sways,

and the tapestry frays,

and all their beliefs switch from those of yesterday’s,

they falter, yet they alter

from the throw-aways.


And some people state

that love outlasts hate…

but God, can’t you people see this awful state??

There’s a war in this town

with its council of clowns,

and you still can’t see maybe we’re all breaking down!

Life’s tough, but love’s enough

to bring us back around…


And some people gasp

that the ones who died today

are the last…


But even death doesn’t run hate aground.



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