366 Poems: June 11th, 2016

Days and Nights

A life is made up of equal days

and nights,

and trust me when I say you should enjoy both.

Enjoy the nights,

curled up on the couch in the basement with a friend

watching horror movies until 2 am with all the closets locked

and the lights dimmed.

Learn about the worst levels of human nature

in the comfort of collective


Be the light in the Earth’s coldest hour.


Enjoy the days,

running through the grass with your little sister

chasing each other with the hose and soaking your t-shirts

as the sun roars.

Take the chills with an optimistic delight

so that the happy heat does not


Be the water in the Earth’s driest lands.


Enjoy your life,

every winter spent waiting for summer,

every summer spent waiting for winter,

and then some.

Enjoy it,

because someday

you’ll wish you still had it.

Night Follows Day by jeighdeigh

“Night Follows Day”


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