366 Poems: June 2nd, 2016

Brain Freeze

I work at an ice cream store now

where the most complicated thing

is a large milkshake,

and then every day i go home to write poems

that I think people read…

But unfortunately there’s too much

that can’t be put on the page.

Like, how do I convince a boy

that I’ve loved for 13 months

that I don’t think I love him anymore?

Even though he’s done nothing wrong,

and I have a bad habit of coming home

and missing him,

yet every time I say I love you it sounds like a lie?

What do I do?

When I don’t want to leave the one I love

but need to let go


Gosh it’s so much easier

to keep making milkshakes…


At least they’re less messy than my head.

“Strawberry milkshake”


1 Comment

  1. That feeling of true love can often feel diluted. Day after day the same three words can’t always make you feel secure. Were they true? Yes. But not spoken in enough ways to make them feel as true as they were meant to be. Step Four: Show her that you love her, don’t just tell her.
    It’s taken me this long to realize. And I’m sorry.

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