366 Poems: June 2nd, 2016

Brain Freeze

I work at an ice cream store now

where the most complicated thing

is a large milkshake,

and then every day i go home to write poems

that I think people read…

But unfortunately there’s too much

that can’t be put on the page.

Like, how do I convince a boy

that I’ve loved for 13 months

that I don’t think I love him anymore?

Even though he’s done nothing wrong,

and I have a bad habit of coming home

and missing him,

yet every time I say I love you it sounds like a lie?

What do I do?

When I don’t want to leave the one I love

but need to let go


Gosh it’s so much easier

to keep making milkshakes…


At least they’re less messy than my head.

“Strawberry milkshake”


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