366 Poems: May 21st, 2016

Something Real

Just go on and tell yourself

that he’s not real,

that he’s not going to be the one,

that he’s just a shadow

of what you once had,

of what you’ve always wanted.

And that he’s not going to be the knight

who saves you.

Not him.

Not today.

And maybe it’s not his fault,


but it’s your fault if you don’t

let him know

that you need something real.

And if that something real is loneliness,

then so be it,

because you deserve

more than a shadow.

You deserve

to be happy…

And as soon as you tell yourself,

I hope you believe it.

“Heartbreak in a Sunset”



  1. If I’m not real, if I’m just a thought and I’m not real, then let me be the thought that fights away the evils in your heart, and keeps you safe in its arms for years to come. For I will not let another brief feeling of distraught wreak havoc in your dreams.

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