366 Poems: May 8th, 2016

To the Modern Rebel

Just know that you will be challenged

by people who think they know your field better than you do,

by people who never want to see the clear picture,

by people who refuse to admit that they are afraid.

Know that you will lose many a battle

and that you will frighten many a friend,

that ice may burn and fire may freeze

before you are successful,

and that some days it’ll feel like it.

But the rest of us,

we will sit in our one-bedroom apartments

scathing our tongues on hot ramen noodles,

wishing for hours and days on end

that we could be you.

How unfortunate is it that there are so many of us

and so few of you?

But just remember to do as we say

and not do as we do:

be the person

that we all wake up in the morning

saying that we’ll be,

until the long day grinds us down to none.

And know that the universe

supports you every step of the way…


Because the living were never born to sit still

and wait for the future to come.


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