366 Poems: May 5th, 2016

The Walls

I saw three walls go up in a century–

one red, one grey, one black…

The red one came up invisibly,

with its height being built only by words,

its strength being shown only by silence,

as two worlds so alike

decided that they no longer wanted to see

the other–

for fear that we might all cease to exist.


The grey one came up overnight

and split a hundred homes in two,

and the lost families fought for places to stand

on the platforms of buildings,

built solely for the purpose of someone on one side seeing


and the children grew up in its shadow.


And the black one came up with the sound of shouting,

of a crowd yelling that it was a memento too dark,

of a thousand cold voices dying in the jungle,

but it lived in a whisper

as its viewers looked into the reflective stone and saw

a new world–

as the living and the dead collided.


I saw three walls go up in a century–

one iron, one concrete, one stone…

I saw them go up with millions of other people

watching, waiting, living, dying,

and yet…

I don’t think that we ever realized we were on the same side.


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