366 Poems: May 3rd, 2016

Teenage Dreams

In our middle school days, we used to say,

“Oh wouldn’t it be serene to be 16?

To drive our cars to the hills filled with stars,

our wonder machines powered on teenage dreams,

and fall in love?”

And now, in this ink, I cannot help but think,

“Oh wouldn’t it be fine to be 29?

To have our own home where we’re not so alone,

in each other’s warm arms where there’s no longer harm,

and stay in love?”

Because here, it seems clear

that we’re going our way,

and constantly fishing, and wishing,

that maybe we’ll still be here

another day,

because one can only offer luck

to two teenagers, star-struck,

and hope that someday they’ll have the strength and the will

to grow up.

“One Day, Every Day…”



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