366 Poems: May 1st, 2016


I saw a fawn walk out of the forest today–

a child, newly born.

His legs were staggering sticks of bone,

his eyes were wide and black with fear,

but he told me, “I must go

and make my way into the future.

My mother, she stands tall, and ready to run,

and I must learn her ways on my own.”

Then he hobbled away,

and who knows if he’ll survive?

In this place filled with hunters and villains alike,

but he knows that he’ll have

his mother’s eyes,

and he’ll walk the new grasslands

on his mother’s legs,

and perhaps he shall come back one day,

tall and lean and strong

and find, in the place he once called home,

a mother’s heart.

“My time is not now,” he says.

“For I must grow with what she gave me,

but for all the creatures on earth

who think that a mother’s love comes easy…

wait until they fall in love

and see the journey that it took

to create it.”


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