366 Poems: April 20th, 2016

Seasons of You

I met you in the spring

when love was only bright and new,

but I wanted to know you in the summer:

I wanted to see your smile through the leaves of green,

to hear your laugh among the cascading waters,

to feel your warmth under the hot July sun…


And that summer was amazing

and all that I had dreamed,

but then I wanted to know you in the fall:

I wanted to hold your had in the hallways of the school,

to taste your lips with the sweetness of pumpkin and spice,

to see your face framed by the crisp falling leaves…


And that autumn was a battle

that our hearts so strongly won,

but then I wanted to know you in the winter:

I wanted to watch your eyes shine through the shrillness of the air,

to dance with you to carols that we’ve heard a million times,

to finally get that kiss when the ball drops at midnight’s hour…


And so now we have come back to spring

when the flowers are opening up,

and I realize now

that I don’t want just a season of you.

I realize now

what I need.


I need you forever.

“The Four Seasons”


1 Comment

  1. Let me be your fifth season of the year. The season that never ends and fills you. Fills you with the warmth of the summer, the flavor of the fall, the comfort of the winter and the everlasting feeling of new beginnings the spring blessed us with as flowers bloom and the birds sing.

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