366 Poems: April 12th, 2016


Today I am just going to use this opportunity to rant about possibly one of the worst emotions known to mankind: jealousy. Jealousy is the cancer of emotion, the epitome of all the dark and dangerous feelings one keeps inside their head. Forget the green-eyed monster; jealousy is the serial killer in your closet, the zombie army breaking down your door, the parasitic alien slowly growing inside your chest until it rips you open in a bloody disaster.

It’s one of the only emotions that makes you feel bad for feeling bad.

Because really, jealousy is one of the dumbest emotions as well. Rarely is envy ever justified; rarely is envy ever a reason to live under a rain cloud or cry yourself to sleep or yell at someone you love, someone who doesn’t really deserve it. Jealousy makes you feel as though you have been wronged just because someone else seems to be in a better situation, but really nothing has been done to hurt you. You are taking someone else’s happiness and twisting it to fit your own selfish needs and through all of that it doesn’t even feel good. It’s just a foul taste on your tongue, a sourness in your heart. And it can destroy relationships like nothing else can. Sure, some say that it all comes from love, and that a little envy can allow someone to appreciate what they have. But rarely does jealousy ever come in such innocent forms. No, jealousy is the fuel to heartbreak– the gasoline that pours from the leaks in the pipes to cover your skin, your mind, your heart. And when you get to that point, there is only one way you can survive:

Do not become the spark.


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