366 Poems: April 10th, 2016

Something Cheesy Shiny

“Oh, dear?” you say.

“Yes, dear?” they say.

“It’s almost our anniversary,” you say.

“It is,” they say.

“You know what would be amazing?” you say.

“What?” they say.

“If you got me something shiny,” you say.

“Oh really? What would you like?” they say.

“Oh, just one little thing,” you say.

“Is it a ring?” they say.

“Nope,” you say.

“A watch?” they say.

“Nope,” you say.

“Some earrings?” they say.

“Still not it,” you say.

“Well then!” they laugh, grinning. “What is it you want?”

You look at their smile.

“You’ve already given it,” you say.


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