366 Poems: April 8th, 2016

The Jacket

I wore your jacket to school today.

“To keep me warm,” I told you,

as spring continually decides to evade us…

But really it was more than that,

as I have found nights where my only comfort

is that extra large piece of fabric

pulled over me.

And it still feels like I’m in your arms

even though we may be so far away.


It’s days like today when we seem to be so–

when you tell me I shouldn’t feel sorry for you,

even though your eyes say you haven’t slept

and your smile fades the moment you look on

and you try so hard for everything to be



You’ve been trying for too many years, haven’t you?


So today I won’t feel sorry for you.

I’ll let you sleep, I’ll let you smile,

and I’ll wear your jacket like a long velvet cape

just so you know how you make me feel…


And I’ll wear it, so perhaps,

when you give me a hug,

that you’ll feel all the warmth I feel too.

IMG_20160409_205550895 (2).jpg

“The Jacket”


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