366 Poems: March 30th, 2016

Little Wonders

I have a little sister

who is just the age of three.

She’s a tiny little monster

who is as cute as can be.

She loves walking, she loves talking,

she loves animals and toys,

and she’s just as tall as my knee

but she really can make noise.

She sits up high on my shoulders

and attempts to touch the sky.

She’s excited and delighted

a she sees a bird go by.

As we walk, we always jump

over the pavement’s many cracks.

And the stories told at bedtime

always come to me in stacks.

We paint our nails and we tell tales

about school and all our friends,

and if crying does ensue,

we find a way to make amends.

I have read textbooks and novels

about the ways of the world,

but I think I’ve learned the most

in the eyes of that little girl.

“Little sister sketch”


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