366 Poems: March 24th, 2016

Our Poetry

Some loves can divert and some loves can confuse

but if I am the poet,

then he is the muse.


Like the moment he speaks

and makes a masterpiece in a moment.

Oh, I laugh when he says he can’t sing.


Because when he says,

“You’re more addicting than heroin,”

I hear,

“If I could bottle up the feeling of your kiss,

I’d spend every day injecting it into my veins.”


And when he says,

“You’re a goddess,”

I hear,

“Your smile is the power that keeps the world turning

and I never want to lose your gravity.”


And when he says, “I’ll follow you wherever you go,”

I hear,

“I will never keep you from your dreams,

but please, I hope you let me be part of them.”


And when he says,

“I love you,”

I hear,

“I love you…”


Because no poetry could ever be greater than that.


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