366 Poems: March 22nd, 2016


There was a time when I wanted to write something

about the sickness of the world,

but then found that my timing was a bit too off,

and my spotlight already fading.

So I kept my smile and left the words unsaid,

an echo, running through my head.


Never did I want a chance to say them again.


Because today I was sick: with a cold, with the flu,

with the realization that my world

is dying.

That people are finding every day more reasons

to kill

to hate.

That the only way people feel they can avenge the innocent

is by condemning more.


I saw three words

that broke my heart in a million ways.


And I’m so afraid

that it’s going to take more than 366 poems,

or a million,

or an infinity…

to put it back together again.

Pray for Brussels

Original Artist Unknown


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