366 Poems: March 19th, 2016

A Thousand Miles

I wonder if you think of me

like I think of you,

if you toss and you turn in your bed

like I do

when there’s something that’s wrong

or just slightly less right–

I wonder if you see me

when you turn off the light,

if I’m who you wish for

when the dark brings you fright,

and you wish you could hold me

right there until day–

I wonder if you really do

believe what you say,

when you say we’re forever

and that you’re okay.

I wonder if there ever will be a day

when my world’s greatest nightmare comes true.


But today, I won’t wonder

and I won’t what if…

because today is my day in the sun.

And you, my love,

are a thousand miles away…

and I won’t let you ruin my fun.



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