366 Poems: March 15th, 2016

Singing in the Rain

I came to the beach in a long flowered dress,

a swimsuit described with words starting with s,

and a goal in my head to always look my best

and have all of the fun I could find.

But alas! The grey sky started to pour with rain

finding all the warm places on my skin to claim

and leaving me alone to be washed down the drain

with my smiles and laughs left behind.

But hello! Don’t you know that I’m more than this skin,

and there’s something much warmer that I hold within?

So I pull it all out! And I give it a spin

like an old musical on rewind.

Because I am a queen, and I’m ruling to stay

and no cold rainy days will ever block my way.

Plus, the rain never bothered this girl anyway.

So come on! And keep your sun in mind.

“Singing in the, sun?”


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