366 Poems: March 5th, 2016

11:58 PM

I’M LATE! I’m running out of time

to say the words, to say the rhymes.

I must get out this poem soon

before the time bomb goes


But oh, what could I ever say?

In these last minutes of the day?

What’s so profound? What’s so complete?

What makes a mark on this day’s sheet?

We’re always running out of time

’cause as the clock strikes 59,

there will not be another day

that works exactly in this way.

There will not a March the 5th

that I can take the same time with.

So I will spend seconds thirty

to say what I think time should be.

It’s not a gift, it’s not a choice,

but take it! ‘Cause you have a voice.

The moment’s here, a final bow,

for you to change your world, somehow.

And all that we can ever do

is live until the time runs…



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