366 Poems: February 29th, 2016

Leap Day

It is here, my good friends!

You’ve got one extra day

to make something of this year and go on your way.

It’s a gift, it’s a chance,

so please do not delay–

it’ll be four more years ’til one comes back your way.

See that girl, in the hall?

Oh I’m sure that you do.

You’ve been hoping since last year that she’d talk to you.

But last year was too short

to let courage last true–

Now it’s your day to reach out and make love anew!

See that sign, on the wall?

It says, “Raise – please apply.”

Twelve whole months it has hung there and watched you walk by.

But today you are strong

from that three sixty-five!

Rip that page off the wall and put on your best tie!

It’s a gift, it’s a chance

to fix your yesterday.

Here is your extra life, so get up here and play!

Have a celebration

and say all you can’t say…

‘Cause the best way to jump into life is Leap Day.


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