366 Poems: February 18th, 2016


Just take a moment and own it, girl

or guy, or both, or neither–

because you all deserve a chance to be fabulous

and bring the house down at your feet.

Take a moment and don’t lose it–

wear the best dress you’ve got

or the sexiest sweatpants,

rock that suit and tie or that worn-out t-shirt.

Put on makeup.

Refuse to brush your hair.

Walk into that world like you own the place

and keep that smile bright.

Take a moment and show it off

in a way that only you can.

Take a moment and laugh louder, laugh more,

win the game, lose the war

but do it in style!

Be the best that you can be…


And my friends,

take a moment to come home tonight

and look in the mirror

and realize how beautiful you are.




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